New and Improved Training and Certification Program

We’re so glad you’re interested in becoming a Certified Career Coach! Begin by watching this overview Masterclass:

Next, review the details of the new and expanded 6-month Certified Career Coach training – so you know what you’re going to be learning during the program.


1       The Field of Career Coaching: What it is and is Not; History of Career Development

2       Ethical Considerations in Coaching; Overview of Authentic Vocation; AV Factor 1: Life Purpose

3       The QuantumShift! Coaching Model; Preparing to Coach; 3 Core Competencies

4       Level 1 Coaching; AV Factor 2: Values; AV Factor 3: Motivators and Interests; Intake Process

5       Level 2 Coaching; AV Factor 4: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; AV Factor 5: Work and Other Experience

6       Job Search Marketing Planning; Self as Product; Organizing the Search

7       AV Factor 6: Desired Job Target(s); AV Factor 7: Work Environment; Tactics for the Published Job Market

8       AV Factor 8: Business Reality; Strategies for the Unpublished Job Market

9       Using Social Media in the Job Search

10     Level 3 Coaching; Résumé Design Secrets; Shifting Perspective; Dealing with Client Emotions

11     Interviewing Strategies That Get the Job; Using Linkedin to Prepare; Evaluating Job Offers: Wants vs. Needs; Negotiating the Optimum Compensation Package

12     The Role of Intuition and Deep Listening in Coaching; Advanced Coaching Skills; Ending the Coaching Relationship


1          Your Business Foundation

  • Your business structure, legal form and business name
  • Track your finances, understand business tax benefits
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • 24 business systems you need

2          Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Traits for entrepreneurial success
  • Identify and remove the 13 barriers to success
  • 5 steps to transform outdated beliefs
  • Aligning daily to attract your good

3           Social Media Basics

  • Setting up your profiles
  • Starting your FB and/or Linkedin group

4          Your Visual Brand

  • Brand archetypes
  • Psychology of color
  • Resources for your logo, web design, and career coaching support staff


  1. Your Business Vision and Purpose
  • Create your short- and long-term vision for your business & life
  • Choose from 5 coaching business models
  • Discover your life purpose
  1. Your Micro-Niche
  • Clarify your micro-niche and tribe
  • Inventory your gifts, experience and story
  • Develop your Signature System (can be business name)
  1. Your Coaching Services Packages
  • Turn your Signature System into coaching packages
  • Know how long to make each, how many bonuses to use and pricing
  • Set your premium price – and calibrate your energy to it
  • Match your funnel to your tribe
  1. Connect with Coaching Prospects
  • Knowing who you want to reach
  • Cultivate prospects through your FB group, FB live
  • Use the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Principles to attract clients
  • Prep your opt-in page, email management system, booking system
  1. Turn Prospects Into Clients
  • How to book and schedule sales calls
  • Template for sales conversations
  • How to handle objections
  • How to enroll clients in one call and avoid follow-ups
  1. Expand Your Reach with Facebook Ads
  • Choose your objective
  • Select your audiences
  • Write your ad copy and headline
  • Do systematic testing
  • Set your budget
  1. How to Use Webinars to Introduce Your Services
  • Structure for your webinar
  • Turn your webinar evergreen and automate your lead generation
  • Retargeting and other advanced FB ad strategies
  1. Grow Your Business
  • Rings of Infopreneurship/ways to grow
  • How/when to add staff, systems and software
  • Contractors versus employees
  • Raise your consciousness for growth


  • Career Coaching Success System kit delivered to your doorstep – 400-page Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide textbook, study guide and jam-packed member portal with more than 50 forms and worksheets you can customize for your business
  • 6 months of weekly video training modules covering career coaching, business foundation and marketing
  • 6 months of personal access to Marcia and your classmates in two weekly LIVE coaching calls – one to practice career coaching and the other to answer questions about marketing
  • More than 60 forms, worksheets and templates you can customize and use with clients to save you time and money
  • Access to our expert resume writers, Linkedin profile writers, mindset coach and FB ad expert to help your clients and you


In addition to all of the amazing access described above, you also get the following bonuses FREE:

  1. 24/7 access and support through our worldwide Virtual Learning Community Facebook group
  2. Become a Published Author in 90 Days or Less Program ($500 value)
  3. Speaking Secrets for Coaches Program ($500 value)
  4. Group Coaching Secrets Program ($1500 value)
  5. Resume Writing Secrets Program ($500 value)
  6. Your Coaching Brand Program ($1500 value)
  7. Immediate access to the amazing Discover Your Life’s Purpose Audio Program (recorded by Marcia at Hay House)
  8. Immediate access to your Million Dollar Resource List of vendors, software and services you will need in your business
  9. TWO passes for yourself and a business partner or guest to one of our Conscious Client Attraction LIVE retreats (Oct. 19-21 in Portland, OR, Dec. 7-9 in Phoenix, AZ or during 2018) – a $1997 value

WOW!  All of these amazing resources, thousands of dollars of bonuses plus weekly LIVE calls with the Founder and 24/7 support through our online community – all GUARANTEED to help you become a highly paid, sought-after professional career coach within 3-6 months and be able to charge $2500-$10,000 per client and enjoy the freedom you have longed for!


Now that you’ve seen the Masterclass and reviewed the outline, let’s talk about how this training could help you achieve your goals!  Just book an available time below and we’ll explore your goals, challenges and how the program can help.


Recent Grad Turns Coaching Into 6-Figure Business Within 12 Months

“Since training at Career Coach Institute I quickly turned my career coaching specialty into a six figure business within one year. My coaching rates doubled instantly due to my expertise and credibility. Clients appreciate and will pay for coaches who have a proven system that works. CCI provides that system, a framework of resources that effectively move clients through career transition, career advancement and leadership, all while achieving work life balance and increased life satisfaction.

As a result, my business more than doubles each year, I’ve worked with large corporations and receive requests for paid speaking engagements, even authoring my own career book this year as well. Thank you CCI for all of the support and resources you offer, certified career and executive coaching classes to how to be an expect speaker and author. Your training is the foundation of my success.”

Debora McLaughlin

Nashua, NH

Our Training Took Her Coaching To An Entirely New Level

“I have been providing career coaching services to my clients for about 15 years and have participated in several training programs. After recently completing your course, I can honestly say that what I learned has taken my coaching skills to a whole new level and has elevated my confidence as a coach. Thank you for your expertise and support.”

Vivian VanLier

Advantage Resume & Career Services

Trainer/Consultant Grows Business 30% Per Year With Coaching

“Career coaching, whether for performance or professional growth—especially inside organizations—is truly the ‘new training.’  “Career management” is an increasingly important topic for individuals, and as workplace loyalty decreases, the need for career coaching increases. My individual coaching work has grown by at least 30% each year as career resilience continues to be the only “job security” in today’s economy. Creating work I love, and helping clients do the same is a remarkable way to live my purpose!”

Janine Moon

Master Certified Career Coach, CompassPoint Coaching LLC

Career Coach Training Leads To National Speaking

I highly recommend CCI’s program for the in-depth knowledge you will gain, state-of-the-art actionable strategies, and incredible teaching staff who really care about their students. My coach helped me find my dream of writing a book, and I have been speaking nationally for the past 5 years.

Kirsten Jacoway Beasley,

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