shutterstock_307447607Career Coach Institute was founded in January 2001 by seasoned career professional and certified coach Marcia Bench. After 16 years in career development, Bench determined that by adding coaching as a methodology to her existing career development knowledge, she not only got better results with her clients, but could teach others how to do career coaching as well.

Although CCI is one of hundreds of coach training programs currently offered, it is considered the “Harvard” of career coaching since it was the first – and continues to be the leading – school teaching the recession-proof niche of career coaching.

CCI’s students come from all walks of life and more than 40 countries worldwide.  CCI’s training is offered by a unique online e-learning method which uses physical textbooks, CD’s, online quizzes and webinars, and more to provide the training. It trains individuals and groups of employees in career coaching and offers the prestigious Certified Career Coach credential. The virtual format of the training makes it suitable for someone training for a new career while employed, a retiring or retired individual, or a newly graduated college student seeking a home-based fulfilling and financially rewarding business.

Our textbook, Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide, is used worldwide by universities, companies and individuals as the “bible” of career coaching. In person and webinar training is also available for corporate and workforce development groups – contact us for details.



2WebAVM_1289iPMarcia Bench is the Founder and Director of CCI, as well as being a #1 best selling author, professional speaker, and business coach, with more than 30 years of experience working with coaches and other entrepreneurs. She is recognized worldwide as the leading expert in career coaching, having virtually created the industry in 2001 when she launched Career Coach Institute.

A former attorney, Marcia has authored 25 books including Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide (now in its Third Edition), the Amazon #1 best seller  Become an Inspirational Thought Leader and The Tao of Entrepreneurship.

In 2001, she founded the first career coach training organization in the world, Career Coach Institute, and has grown it to a worldwide community with students in 42 countries.

Marcia realized in her teens that she had an important life’s purpose to fulfill, and began a quest to discover it. Throughout her years in high school, college and law school she pursued personal and spiritual growth. It was finally when she became a part-time entrepreneur in 1986 that she knew she was honing in on her purpose.

Her first business was a consulting, speaking and consulting firm helping individuals with business start-up, marketing and business development. She also got involved with state entrepreneurial politics and was visible in the Portland, Oregon area entrepreneur community.

She then formed her own law firm and, after just 2 years, wrote her first book, When 9 to 5 Isn’t Enough, later published by Hay House, and embarked on a national book/seminar tour. She sold her home, law practice and possessions to buy an RV and travel the country for 10 months, helping people do what they love for a living. She shared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and other notable speakers.

Marcia discovered coaching in 2000 after a stint as an Executive Vice President in a career management firm, working personally with more than 500 executives in designing their own professional success and navigating job transitions. She absolutely loved the power of coaching to help clients uncover the answers they sought for themselves. Shortly after graduating from coaching school she founded Career Coach Institute and quickly grew it to an international coach training company in the new niche of career coaching.

She has been active throughout her 30-plus year career in supporting entrepreneurship through her writing, speaking, and volunteering. She was on the Oregon Governor’s Committee for Minority and Women Business Participation, and was selected as a facilitator at the White House Conference on Small Business.

She is a member of Ewomen Network. Marcia is a frequent speaker and media guest and lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon.



CCI prides itself on an outstanding team of professionals to serve its growing community.  Course instructors Janine Moon and Kristen Jacaway Beasley as well as Student Relations Director Pat Zickefoose, Web Designer Sarah Banfield, and other adjunct support team members ensure an outstanding student experience.

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