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4 Keys to Getting Started and Prospering as a Career Coach in Any Economy (Regardless of Your Prior Experience or Education)

With Marcia Bench, MCCC, CIBC, JD

During this introductory session, you will learn:

  • Who’s right for career coaching
  • How to know if the timing is right to become a career coach
  • Myths and truths about credentialing (do you really need to be ICF certified?)
  • Transitioning strategies from corporate j.o.b. to independent career coach
  • Income potential and traits for successfor career coaches
  • Key needs and opportunities in the current economy – and how to recession-proof your practice
  • 4 key areas of expertise you need to know – and how to gain them quickly
  • How to quickly build your career coaching business
  • How to get started without having a web site
  • The training you need to be credible and in-demand – whether you have a high school education or a graduate degree
  • and more!

Start a new business with unlimited potential – and watch yourself soar into a new future!



The 3 Simple Secrets to Using Career Coaching to Make You More Money and Give You More Free Time

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The 3 Simple Secrets to Using Career Coaching to Make You More Money and Give You More Free Time

Are you curious about career coaching as a possible new business or career, a niche to add to your current offerings, or a skill to train your staff in?

In this report, you will learn why career coaching is one of the most financially rewarding and consistently in-demand industries there is – and I’ll also share a little of my story about getting started in this career while I was an unhappy corporate executive.

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