Certified Career Coach Success Stories

Recent Grad Turns Coaching Into 6-Figure Business Within 12 Months

“Since training at Career Coach Institute I quickly turned my career coaching specialty into a six figure business within one year. My coaching rates doubled instantly due to my expertise and credibility. Clients appreciate and will pay for coaches who have a proven system that works. CCI provides that system, a framework of resources that effectively move clients through career transition, career advancement and leadership, all while achieving work life balance and increased life satisfaction.

As a result, my business more than doubles each year, I’ve worked with large corporations and receive requests for paid speaking engagements, even authoring my own career book this year as well. Thank you CCI for all of the support and resources you offer, certified career and executive coaching classes to how to be an expect speaker and author. Your training is the foundation of my success.”

Debora McLaughlin

www.therenegadeleader.com, Nashua, NH

Trainer/Consultant Grows Business 30% Per Year With Coaching

“Career coaching, whether for performance or professional growth—especially inside organizations—is truly the ‘new training.’  “Career management” is an increasingly important topic for individuals, and as workplace loyalty decreases, the need for career coaching increases. My individual coaching work has grown by at least 30% each year as career resilience continues to be the only “job security” in today’s economy. Creating work I love, and helping clients do the same is a remarkable way to live my purpose!”

Janine Moon

Master Certified Career Coach, CompassPoint Coaching LLC, http://WorkforceChange.com

Training Company Launches Entire New Career Coaching Profit Center

“Marcia, completing CCI’s coach training was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Not only did the training prove valuable in the development of a new career services initiative, but it also equipped our coaches to serve over 400 clients with disabilities and/or severe employment challenges.  By using this training, my employer was able to offer an entire new revenue stream and client service which now comprises more than 1/3 of our business – and our clients (a difficult group to place) are getting jobs on average in 52 days!  Thanks, CCI, for being a partner in making such a positive impact on the lives of others.”

Valerie Plis, MCCC

Certified Gallup StrengthsCoach™ , Exceed With Purpose Coaching and former VP, True North

Former Executive Doubles or Triples Business Annually With Career Coaching

“When I started my Career Coach Training with Marcia and the Career Coach Institute, I suffered from burnout in my corporate job. I knew I had to make the career change I had longed for.

My practice has supported me through several life changing events; divorce, moving countries and settle into new environments, working on a global basis with clients world wide, enjoying my life more than ever… My business has doubled, last year even tripled, and I feel more abundant than ever. I recommend Marcia’s Career Coach Programs to anyone who has decided they want to be in charge of their own lives and help others to do that too.”

Liselotte Molander, PCCC


Career Coaching Gets Great Results for Recruiter

“One of my first clients, a frustrated, struggling accountant (earning $65,000 when I initially coached him) recently said:  ‘I’m doing so well that I felt the need to tell you how much your career coaching has impacted my professional growth. Not only have I more than doubled my income since our coaching sessions (now earning $150,000+ annually), but I am really enjoying my work.  I’m now a Sr. Manager in a public accounting firm… on track to Partnership. Some of my colleagues want to know my ‘secret’.  I told them about you and they asked if you would coach them too.’  My client also wants to resume his own coaching work with me and has referred his firm’s HR department to discuss future opportunities.”

Gina Ripple, Recruiter

Career Coaching Increases Recruiter’s Revenues and Lets Him Reach Previously Unreachable Clients

“After over 20 years in HR in a large corporation, what I knew most about was career and employment, which led me to CCI. There I found a program that was not only specific to my interests, but was highly professional and extremely well organized with an over-abundance of resources that would transform my world and how I do business.

Over a period of six months, I developed skills I had never utilized before during my entire career. It gave me a whole new perspective on the process of selection –and allowed me to get business and income I would not have otherwise had: coaching candidates! More than just a headhunter, I became an ally to my clients in determining best fit, and was frequently engaged in coaching employees out of situations they should have never been put into.

As a career coach, my fees today are practically on par with my retainer search fees. But more importantly, this new experience has opened my mind to new possibilities, and inspired in me a passion to write and speak about what I’ve learned.”

Jeffrey Garton, PCCC

Author of Career Contentment: Don’t Settle for Anything Less, ASTD Press 2008, www.careercontentment-thebook.com

Our Training Took Her Coaching To An Entirely New Level

“I have been providing career coaching services to my clients for about 15 years and have participated in several training programs. After recently completing your course, I can honestly say that what I learned has taken my coaching skills to a whole new level and has elevated my confidence as a coach. Thank you for your expertise and support.”

Vivian VanLier

Advantage Resume & Career Services, http://www.cuttingedgeresumes.com/resume_writer_bio.html

Seasoned Workshop Leader and Healer Finds Career Coaching Enhances Results

“I can strongly recommend Marcia Bench and her programs, and I am extremely pleased with CCI.

I am passionate about coaching and the superb lifestyle and income it affords me. The satisfaction and flexibility is unbeatable! I value my time and my clients pay me well. It’s a perfect fit given my creative interests and chosen life.

As a career coach, I’m a strong advocate for loving what one does for a living. Marketing is unquestionably a key, however a well-informed focus and passionate commitment allows the rest to follow!”

Sanna Lamb, PCCC

Essence Finders, www.essencefinders.com

Working Mother Finds Coaching Perfect for Parenting and Profits

“Marcia Bench has a talent for taking the most current information related to coaching and career management, breaking it down, and creating a program that makes sense.  I love being able to learn at my own pace and through a variety of methods like books, CDs, and teleclasses.  As a very busy working single mother of two small children, I have been able to fit this program into my life quite easily.  Becoming a career coach has revived my career, while at the same time provided other employees with a resource that will help them to revive their own.  I highly recommend Institute of Purposeful Entrepreneurship’s programs.”

Amy O’Brien

Former Corporate HR Professional Finds Part-Time Coaching Lucrative and Lifestyle-Enhancing

 “After 15 years in corporate America including Fortune 500 companies, I have been able to leave to build my own career coaching practice and be able to spend more time with my children as they grow.  My new company helps individuals who are in transition – or are stuck in unsatisfying careers – discover their ideal career and courageously take action to put them into motion.  My mission is to change people’s view of TGIF from “Thank God It’s Friday” to “Thank God It’s Fulfilling!”  And it is for me too!  I have been able to build a thriving part-time practice which exceeds my prior hourly rate in my corporate job!

Christy Seawall

Career Vision Dynamics, www.christyseawall.com

Practice Coaching in Class Generated Excitement

“One of the most powerful components of the program is that while you are taking the Core Career Coaching course and learning the Authentic Vocation Model, you are also asked to go through it yourself as if you were a client. You spend time in between class sessions working through the assessments and then you get the opportunity to coach and be coached during class. There is no better way to learn than by doing — and CCI not only makes sure that you understand the material but that you know the various ways of applying it. By the time I finished the course, I could not wait to use these models with my clients.”

Melani Ward, M.A., M.Ed., ACCC

Boulder, CO.


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