Here are the Details of the Certified Career Coach™ Curriculum:”

In this exciting program, I will help you clarify – and guide others to clarify:

Module 1: The Field of Career Coaching: What it is and is Not; History of Career Development

Whether you have a background in career development or not, in this module we give you an overview of where career coaching came from, as well as how it’s similar to and different from career counseling, consulting, mentoring and more. You’ll learn the current state of the profession, key outcomes, definitions, and benchmarks for success. In short, you’ll start seeing the tremendous opportunities within the profession you have chosen, and how it can enhance both your lifestyle and your pocketbook.

Module 2: Ethical Considerations in Coaching; Overview of Authentic Vocation; AV Factor

As a professional career coach, it is critical to understand not only the opportunities but also the ethical standards for our profession. We’ll explore these here along with case studies. Then we’ll get into the meat of our career design model – Authentic Vocation – and its first and foundational factor, life purpose.

Module 3: The QuantumShift! Coaching Model; Preparing to Coach; 3 Core Competencies; Intake Process

In order to help clients discover their purpose-based career, you need a coaching model and framework. Our proprietary QuantumShift! coaching model helps you facilitate client breakthroughs – transformations and insights that last – more frequently. In this module you are introduced to the model (which incorporates all of the International Coach Federation competencies), as well as learn how to prepare for each coaching session. We’ll explore the three core coaching competencies you use in every session in more depth, and help you structure your welcome packet and intake process to create long-term client engagement – using our Career Coaching Toolbox forms to save you time and money!

Module 4: Level 1 Coaching; AV Factor 2: Values; AV Factor 3: Motivators and Interests

By now, you have a basic understanding of our models. We delve more deeply into level 1 of our 3 levels of coaching, so you can help clients quickly solve problems, resolve dilemmas and make decisions. We also explore factors 2 and 3 of our coaching model, Values as well as Motivators and Interests, and the respective role of each in the career design process.

Module 5: Level 2 Coaching; AV Factor 4: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; AV Factor 5: Work and Other Experience

Now you are ready to coach at a deeper level and learn specific techniques to reveal clients’ motivators, beliefs, and internal processing systems that they can choose to change for greater effectiveness in life and work. We’ll give you specific coaching questions as well as suggestions on taking a courageous, holistic approach to your coaching.

Also in this module we’ll give you tools and tips on revealing clients’ KSA’s and cataloging their past experience, using factors 4-5 and companion worksheets, to fill in more of the picture of their Authentic Vocation and next steps.

Module 6: Job Search Marketing Planning; Self as Product; Organizing the Search

You can have the best definition of your career goals in the world, but if you don’t know how to market yourself to prospective employers in today’s often confusing job market, you’ll be left in the dust. In this module, we help you coach your job seeker client on how to view themselves as a product – and find their uniqueness. We also help them organize their search and choose the types of job search techniques best suited to their goals.

Module 7: Work Environment; Tactics for the Published Job Market

With the changing types of career paths today, it is important that the client carefully define the target of their search: employers, industries, locations, and the like. In this module we review that in Authentic Vocation factor 6, and then flesh out the 7 key aspects of one’s work environment an area commonly overlooked – so that the job they choose is as fulfilling as possible. We also explore best practices in responding to published openings.

Module 8: AV Factor 8: Business Reality; Strategies for the Unpublished Job Market; Using Linkedin to Uncover Leads and Connections

While many approaches consider salary, benefits and other elements of what we call “Business Reality” first, we consider it last to let the creative juices flow! We help you discover web sites and other resources that your clients can use to determine their ideal salary and benefits package and calibrate it with today’s market. In this module we also explore how to tap into the 85% of jobs that are never advertised, including how to use Linkedin along with live networking.

Module 9: Using Social Media in the Job Search

No job search today is complete without using Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media sites. Nearly 90% of all recruiters check a candidate’s Linkedin profile and/or Googles that candidate before an interview. But how do you guide your clients in these potentially powerful strategies for their search? Partnering with a leading expert in using social media in the job search, we bring you tips to help your clients stand out – in a good way! – on Linkedin, and what other platforms they need to be using.

Module 10: Level 3 Coaching; Résumé Design Secrets; Shifting Perspective; Dealing with Client Emotions

Now we reach the most powerful kind of coaching at all: helping a client shift their identity, their self-concept, and how they see themselves. Their entire world – and the kind of work they attract – can shift as a result! We’ll help you use the Ladder of Inference and other powerful coaching tools to facilitate this dynamic shift within your client. Also in this module we give you a comprehensive knowledge of what makes a powerful resume, when to use what type of resume, how to help a client shift perspective when they feel stuck and to overcome difficult emotions such as anger or fear.

Module 11: Interviewing Strategies That Get the Job; Using Linkedin to Prepare; Evaluating Job Offers: Wants vs. Needs; Negotiating the Optimum Compensation Package

Once the client starts their job search in earnest, interviews will result. This week we review power strategies to prepare for and succeed in the job interview, including what types to be prepared for, how to answer typical questions, and how to ask questions as well. Linkedin can be a high-impact tool for interview preparation – and we show you how to guide your clients in using it. Finally, we help you facilitate their evaluation of job offers, compare wants vs. needs and negotiate smart in the compensation stage.

Module 12: The Role of Intuition and Deep Listening in Coaching; Advanced Coaching Skills; Ending the Coaching Relationship

To raise your coaching skills to the next level, we finish the course by helping you enhance the balance between intuition and intellect in coaching, increase your listening skills, and apply other advanced coaching skills. We introduce you to the idea of Lifetime Career Management in framing your client relationships, and when the time comes that they do want to end their coaching, how to do so with grace, keeping the door open for future needs.

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