One of the factors that drives many people to enter the business of career coaching is dislike of their job– or at least of a lifestyle that the job requires. Commuting in heavy traffic, dressing for success, dealing with a boss and or coworkers that you don’t like, office politics, and the list goes on.

The problem is, it’s easy to focus only on what you don’t like, and not really take the time to imagine what you do want.  The laws of manifesting tell us that what that will do for you is simply bring you more of the same– that wish you do not like.

So today, I invite you to take some time to imagine your ideal lifestyle. If you didn’t have the fears of losing the security of that job, self-doubt about whether you could make it in your own business as a coach, and whatever other barriers may seem to be in your way, how would your life look?

Consider these aspects:

  • Would you still live where you live now? If not, then where?
  • How many days a week what do you work, given a choice? (Many coaches make 6-figure incomes working 3 days a week, working smarter not harder or more.)
  • What family members or friends would you spend more time with that you cannot now?
  • What hobbies or creative pursuits would you engage in?
  • What other components would it make up your ideal life?

Now, put yourself in the picture. Imagine this has already happened. How do you feel?

How strongly do you desire to create that?

From that desire stems the ability to actually make it come true. For me, enrolling in coach training was the beginning of creating the freedom that I wanted as my husband was retiring.  Perhaps that is the key for you too, whether you have a retiring spouse, parents who require more care, grandchildren you want to spend more time with, or simply time freedom for yourself.

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